I’m Still Standing

Throughout my illustrious professional career I am proud to say that every company that I have ever supported is still actively a part of the business infrastructure including the mom and pop liquor store and movie theater that jetted me into the world of work for pay. Included in this mix are AT&T, Comcast Cable, United Defense, Darden Restaurents, Thomson Reuters and Hewitt Associates. Though times have changed, things have remained the same. Of course I am going to explain in further detail.

At Comcast we recorded a weekly phone message with all of our openings. You couldn’t screw up the 15 page script or you had to start all over again. I remember that was the first time I realized I hated my voice. Computers…we had two for the entire recruitment team. We had an annual anti-union meeting for all associates including signs and more file cabinets than staff.

Yet months prior I worked for Financial Royalty. The immortal and gold plated Goldman Sachs, the crown prince of Wall Street. Associates had suits that had their own insurance policies, limos would take you home after 8 PM to anywhere in the tri-state area, the trading floor made or broke fortunes and respect was not a term thrown around when you hit the 85th floor and stood in awe over the Mahagony table, 300 prominent partners, and monitors for every world market streaming live. Of course as I stood in awe, I got a hand shake and a very candid discussion from John Corzine. Enough said.

Venture to the Midwest and the hussle and bussle of money, deadlines and cut throat competition is disguided by hoe downs, tractors, touchy feeling team culture and just a more relaxed way of conducting business.

Now I work from home, in a virtual office, drinking my virtual coffee and admiring the virtual art on my virtual wall in front of my virtual computer.

We are evolving but have things changed. Our goals in Human Resources are to providing a conflict free setting open to free thought and creative ideas. We want to ensure the safety, security and wellness of our associates.

Technology may expand, cultures vary, paces differ but overall we still maintain the same ideals and beliefs that we had as we began our careers.

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