There’s an App for That

New York Observer in their inaugural issue of Observer Playground asked prominent New York City mothers what apps they use for their modern high tech mommy lifestyle. Author Jill Kargman, has the New York Times ( and Christies Auction House ( saved on her mobile partner. Kelly Killoren, co-start of The Real Housewives of New York City has ibowl (Bowling App), imoodphone, imaps and ishoptheworld in her Iphone. Designer Cynthia Rowley lives and dies with Surf Reports (an app that tells the range of waves all around the world) as her family are avid surfers. The value of technology does not have to diminish the value of the passions we have grown to love in our lives.

In the midst all of the hussle and bussle of innovation, recession, optimism and deep depression is Katie Visco ( This twenty-three year old on March 29, 2009 began a jog. A little different than our normal daily routine. Now 2000 miles in, Katie is trying to become the youngest female to ever run across the United States. Her goals are very simple:

Inspire, Empower, Make History, Fundraise/Promote

Inspire – People to find and follow their passions
Empower – Individuals to connect to what gives them life and pave their own lane to pursue it, while making a positive impact on the world
Make History – To become the youngest female to ever run across the United States and complete her personal dream
Fundraise/Promote – Girls on the Run, a worthy charity that empowers young girls through running.

During her journey Katie has had joiners, families that have offered their homes and meals, school and companies giving donations to help her cause and children and adults becoming inspired by her story.

By December this journey that began in Boston will end in San Diego a long way from home but a lifetime of memories.

Whether you are gainfully employed, unemployed, raising a family or losing faith in a life we have grown so comfortable with, don’t forget your dreams. I published a collection of poetry and photography last year and through its grass roots efforts a number of very talented professionals have sought advice on publishing. For many it was a dream that slipped through the cracks of reality and now as lifestyles change and decisions are re-evaluated, many are starting to wake up to a new reality.

Continue to harness your skills and continue to pursue training and education but take time to do that painting, write that book, go sky diving, see Europe, learn to jet sky, bye a sailboat and let the wind guide you or just lay on a deserted island for a week away from all modern comforts. Dream every day and don’t be afraid to make some of those dreams a reality.

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