The New Public Enemy – Customer Service

Have you ever had to make the dreaded call to customer service. You set aside about 25 minutes for a question that typically can be answered in less than fifteen seconds. Optimism is running high as you dial the phone and you work your way through the first five prompts hoping you get that person that will enthusiastically assist you without worry or retaliation. You type in your account number and security code only to be put on hold for the next available representative. Finally you get a voice, wait another recording. Here we go. A very nice customer service specialist comes on the line and asks for your account number. You being to think, didn’t I already type it into the automated system. Scrug it off, it is a mere formality. You provide it and begin to ask your question. Now the agony begins.

Did you ever get off the phone and wish there was something you could do about it.

Dalton Chiscolm did. After a difficult interaction with a customer service agent with Bank of America, Mr Chiscolm filed a civil suit against Bank of America for the total of 1,784 billion trillion dollars (A sum higher than the gross domestic product of the entire planet).

US District Court Judge Denny Chin has given Dalton until October 23rd to put in writing why this is a viable case and recommended judgement amount or the case will be dismissed. For those of you scratching your head thinking Denny Chin sounds familiar. He is the judge the presided over the Bernie Madoff case. Always nice to see lunacy come full circle.

Whenever you require assistance remember that the customer service specialist on the other side of the phone is there to help. They are trying to make a living and most likely have a family to support. If you feel you are not getting the world class customer service experience you can always sue for 1 trillion dollars because in the United States you can always find a lawyer to take the case.

If Dalton comes away victorious think of the possibilities.
You are waiting too long at the bar for a drink…You can sue the bartender
You had a piece of shrimp in your chicken alfredo…You can sue the whole restaurant chain
You wake up too late…You can sue the manufacturer of the alarm clock
You don’t get a Christmas gift…You can sue your family

Roll out the red carpet….Chicken Soup for the Legally Stupid is about to come out on paperback. Get your copy at any local courthouse.

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