Happy Birthday Mr. Gandhi..May Peace be with you and Mr. Sadat

Today commemorates the anniversary of the 140th birthday of Mahatma Gandhi; a true leader who was as gentle as a feather and as powerful as a horse. A visionary in a time that needed vision. A leader in a time of fear and a pure soul in a pool of misery.

I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on the thought of peace and global community. It seems fitting that we think of global togetherness as we watch the citizens of Chicago provide verbal profanity as they are declined the option of the 2016 Olympics.

In the middle of an unprecedented recession it is difficult for many to think about how this can end and more importantly when. Today it was announced that we are at a national 9.7% unemployment rate in the United States. That is not the real number. The real estimate, including those that have drained out their eligibility is 17.5% of the possible working population that is currently unemployed. Those are numbers we typically only related to West Virginia. It is hard to imagine the country whose slogan is “The American Dream” is embarking on a 20% unemployment rate.

Has anything addressed the issue of overpopulation? I am not the only one hearing crickets rubbing their legs right now. In 2006, we hit 300 million in the United States. By 2020, we will hit 350 Million and by 2050 we will be between 400 and 450 million.

A population growing faster than ever and unemployment continuing to rise. I’m no economist or politician but I don’t need an advanced math degree to see that we have a much bigger issue we have to address soon.

Very soon……

What is the moral of this fable. Simple: Use protection and be safe.

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