Text Dating…What’s the Point

Why are we a society obsessed with Text Dating. I know that is not the accepted term in the social media superhighway. For now let us call it “emotional complacency” or “emotional distancing” Now I am getting to philosophical.

So we go on a date. Everything is going great. The conversation is flowing, you gaze into each other’s eyes, hold hands on the street and have that amazing first kiss or awkward one but not that bad that you don’t do it again later on in the night. You both feel that slight weakness in your knees and the feeling of something new in the air.

Birds are singing, children laughing and chimes ring in the night air. Allow me a little literary drama hear. You make plans to see other again “soon”!!!!

Then the texing begins. “How are you?” “How was your day?” “Work is really busy” “We need to hang out sometime soon” “I don’t know for sure when I will be free again” “Good morning” “Goodnight” “I miss you” “You were a lot of fun”

When does that stop and the human interaction begin…..
For many new relationships, never!!!

It never gets out of the text relationship phase. For the next few weeks you sleep with your mobile phone thinking it will eventually be the person on the other end of the text.

I don’t want to let reality sink in but this phenomenon does not typically have a happy ending.

One day this virtual reality fad will fade away and we will once again catch the “actual reality” bug.

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