Anywhere, USA

As I sit on the new front steps of the house that bore me many years ago I listen to the sounds of the birds chirping, the trees setting a see of green all around and the sound of neighbors congregating around three police cars including a K-9 unit. In a town with one violent crime in my lifetime this is a bit of a rare site but it still reflects the smell and sound of small town America as the neighbors come from all directions sharing hugs and stories as the police circle the blocks searching for the culprits that broke into the house just a few hours earlier.

The town is silent except for the muttering of the little adventure that brings town’s like this together. Soon the kids will be laughing and playing in the street and parents will be walking their dogs and reflecting on their high school years and how they never managed to leave the town they have grown so comfortable with.

We cannot forget to embrace the importances of the free air, sense of community and safety that comes with this living. Will this town make the news or be the subject of a television show or movie. Nope. But what it is does is give me a temporary salvation from the turbulance of my life for a few weeks every few months.

This is my hometown; Anywhere, USA

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