He Is Just Not Into You

I own a blackberry
I drink coffee from a french press
I use body wash
I live in the city
I will smoke an occasional cigar
I eat a healthy breakfast
I drank a key lime martini last night…I admit it. It was Martini night at Tsunami. Go ahead judge. I’m ok with that.

That being said, why would I title my blog entry “He is Just Not Into You”

I fulfilled one of my two New Year’s Resolutions last night. I rented a movie from a Red Box. It was 1 AM and I rented “He is Just Not Into You” I wanted to see it. I saw it and once I return it I have come full circle.

I know you are wondering what my other resolution is and for my one subscriber you will have to wait. It is a secret soon to be revealed.

It was a book prior to becoming a movie and featured on Oprah. Two things a good upstanding male should never know.

It was cute and profound and insightful on the true issues facing modern dating.

It’s hard, but it sure is fun

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