The Times They Are A’ Changin’

I wish I can say the post will be as profound as a Dylan song but behold I cannot promise that but I can promise this: The words you are about to read will keep you as engaged as an episode of “Are you smarter than a fifth grader”.

Before I go on I want to remind my listener that there are early production talks about a Fraggle Rock movie yet no discussion of a Smurfs movie or Breakfast Club remake…. How Hollywood has lost its edge but we are to expect at least three more Harry Potter movies and seven more Rocky movies.

I am beta testing the new Firefox 3.0. I feel honored that this has been bestowed. That my opinions and feedback will shape the official corporate lauch of this search engine. I takes me back to the last time I was a beta tester…..(fade back in time music)…..

I was ten and tested cereal.
Two plane brown boxes showed up at our doorstep. One with a sugary crunchy morning snack and the other a rich chocolatey box of yumminess.

My answers…Yes my answers determined if General Mills, Kelloggs, Special K or what ever brand would market these cereals.

Do you realize the magnitude of responsibility I had at age ten. I makes you wonder how that one chance meeting with beta testing has shaped my entire life.

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