Sailing into the Sunset

Thank you Ms. Cell Phone, Cigarette Smoking, Daydreaming, IPod Changing, Sandwich eating, Insuranceless driver that puts my life in danger seventeen times a day and before I even have my first cup of coffee.

Don’t you wish you there were bumper stickers that long. Is that were true these folks would be reading them while doing all those other things.

In a year where celebrity deaths are a daily part of our routine we should reflect on some of the true idealistic figures in our lives. Life is a celebration and in death should continue that celebration with memories and gratitude. Let this be a celebration of the life of two pioneers who without them we would not have the quality of life we have today: Ellie Greenwich and Stanley Kaplan.

In a moment of reflection we need to remember the Brooklyn born singer/songwriter who donned us with the classic “Chapel of Love” and “Be My Baby” and Mr Kaplan who prepared millions of aspiring youth to better prepare for the SAT and ACT Pre-college examinations.

As you enter a hall of Kaplan College Prep Studies and later play Chapel of Love as you gleem into the eyes of your beautiful spouse remember the lives of the two people that helped makes your life full of happiness and success.

To Ellie and Stanley…Cheers

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