Caution before reading

I got a call this evening from a friend to find out that one of her close friends died two weeks ago from a drug overdose and his body was found last night. I spoke to her for quite a while this evening as I walked the beach and admired the majesty of a bright pink sky setting into darkness as the warm waves crashed on my feet. My evening continued with a reflection of the moment I stared at my mother’s cold lifeless body and thought of what her final moment was like and how all the collected emotions must feel like right before passing on.

A tremendous amount of thought and deep soul sharing with my nameless audience. Yet through all this outpouring I may even walk away with a point.

We often throw around the terms “community”, “team”, “networks”, “relationships”, “unions” and “partnerships”. In our everyday interactions both in a social and work setting they have their place but also share a very true commitment to the importance and value of life.

We all need a sense of value and acceptance in our lives. Whether it is positive or negative, daily reinforcement of our worth provides meaning to each and every day we breath on this earth.
It is that meaning that shapes how others view us and more importantly how we view ourselves.

We need others. I value my alone time. It warrants me the time to think and reflect but I know that my community speaks volumes even if they do not speak at all as long as I have the knowledge they are there for me.

It is family, colleagues, partners, relationships, stranger interaction and even solicitors.
It is that collective community that influences our behaviors and thoughts, provides an avenue for communications, lets us feel comfortable to cry and laugh and is that voice of reason when we need it.

We will continue to live in a virtual world and human interaction will take a back seat. It won’t of course vanish from existence but we need to continue to remind ourselves how critical these human relationships are in our lives.

We need them them for our own sanity so that we can survive this insane world.

One thought on “Caution before reading

  1. Hi Mark,

    I like your Blog….it’s quite thought provoking. How many people do you have following your blogs….You know some of this stuff could be retrofitted in to another book. 🙂

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