How Do I Identify Great Talent?

“I have no particular talent. I am merely inquisitive” – Albert Einstein

Talent isn’t born, it is developed and harnessed.
We live in the most exciting, technologically advanced and intelligent time in our modern history.
We are given tools to grow and excel.
Our limits are boundaries.
Our borders…non-existent
Today is a time for greatness.
Each of us has the opportunity, the determination, the drive and the talent to do more than we can ever imagine
What inspires you…
Family, a song, writing, the stars…it doesn’t matter.. All that matters is finding a talent and being the best you can be.

Understanding what inspires and motivates is the key to finding talent.

There are several key elements involved in identifying and attracting the best talent in the marketplace.

1.) Be creative and individualize yourself. Don’t be afraid to try something completely different. Explore a new user group, start a blog, take to a stranger at a coffee shop but don’t be afraid to fail.

2.) Research – Understand your target audience. What are their interests? What motivates them? Do they want more education, more challenging work, leadership opportunities, time off, affinity groups, social networking or just the feeling of a hard days work

3.) Develop trust and confidence. Don’t be afraid to talk to them. Offer advice. Prep them and give them a resource from the very first call until they are a part of your organization.

4.) Have fun. Whether you are a sourcer or a recruiter. Whether your focus is research or relationship building; remember the key to a successful career is having fun. You are helping to shape the lives of families every day of your career. Know how important you are and have fun.

5.) Be Great…Greatness is contagious. If you are great, you will find great, you will develop great and you will ultimately be surrounded by great.

Life can be very simple or very challenging.
Be spontaneous but have a plan
Don’t be afraid to laugh or cry
Value what is important to you.

The talent is there, develop a plan that works and stick to that formula.

That is my plan…

One thought on “How Do I Identify Great Talent?

  1. I believe you really CAN make your life what you want to make it, if only you allow yourself to adopt the right attitude, and believe in youself enough. Always have an open positive mind and think “I CAN DO IT” Don’t put up mentalblocks for yourself – because if you do you’ll sure to block yourself.

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