The Spider Effect

Social networking is a set of communication channels that allows knowledge sharing, expertise and contact affiliations to harness and grow the global economy. We are all trapped in a web. Some remain stagnant as the web wraps itself around us while others continue to explore the endless possibilities of expansion and development.

The Spider Effect is the result of utilizing the social networking channels to achieve results in the backdrop of web technology.

I stand before you today sharing an example of the Spider Effect and how it was able to take a simple favor for a client and result in a solution implemented by some of the most talented experts in the field.

A former client of mine who is now with the Nycor Group in Minnesota reached out to me last week inquiring on recommendations for a Career Coach in Arlington, Virginia or Washington DC for a client of his. I being in South Carolina utilized my resources and reached out to three potential knowledge sources. I reached out to an internal partner from Hewitt who is located in Bethesda, Maryland, a contact who shares time with Virginia and New York City and a Career Coach and Online Radio Host in Melbourne, Australia. Are you following the path of virtual frequent flyer miles?

The Career Coach in Melbourne, Australia got in me in touch with the founder and CEO of in Washington, DC who is now in communication with my former client in Minnesota to seal the deal.

Is this the first example of global networking without personal gain to be documented? I believe that not the case, but the ability to surrounded one self with strong focused professionals on a global scale is what made this simple request a reality.

The initial request was the result of a favor, which led to a second favor, which led to utilizing a trusting relationship with professionals without personal or monetary gain and putting that all into a complex macro calculation results in a positive experience for all parties.

Social networking continues to grow and panels and industry leaders document the advantages and disadvantages of the next industrial revolution. Thousands of technologies will rise and few will survive but I would like to share some of the simple tools and reminders of being a successful part of this new revolution.

1.) Surround yourself with diversified, focused and successful individuals that can push you to continue to harness yourself professionally. Do not stay industry specific or regionally narrowed but allow yourself to partner with individuals outside of your professional bubble. The sharing of knowledge wealth and concepts could provide that competitive edge that will put you above the rest.

2.) Stay focused and simplified. Do not try to dive into to many web portals or online communities. Find a select few that work for you and show an ROI for yourself or your organization and grow those networks

3.) Explore the realm of the unknown. Do not be afraid to try and fail. There are many cost effective solutions in the information superhighway. Invest in an opportunity you feel can become great and let yourself succeed or fail. If you fail grow from it.

4.) Never lose touch with the element that made this virtual empowerment possible: The human element. Stay in touch via phone, email, letters or networking events. You can get lost in an electronic world.

5.) Read and educate. There are so many free resources on the web (white papers, presentations, articles) that can provide new perspectives on understanding the operation of business. Use them.

6.) Visibility. Find your niche and expose it. If you have a writing talent; publish a blog. If you background is research get a white paper out there. Are your hidden talents photography or music then let the internet promote your special abilities. I am not saying become an internet celebrity but don’t be afraid to give yourself a pat on the back and let others know who you are. With Google Profiles, Slide Share, Twitter, YouTube and many other personal networks you have the ability to create a brand and grow with it.

Is this the complete recipe for success; no. There are many articles on how to take advantage of the Social Networking boom and I advise you to read as many as possible. Once you look in the mirror you will see two things: 1) Who you are and 2) Who you want to be.

Develop a marketing plan for branding your image and then set a plan to implement. Remember you are your own product and consumer is right in front of your keyboard.

One thought on “The Spider Effect

  1. Insightful post. Trying to get your feet wet in every social media outlet will only dilute your message. It is far better to create an active voice within a few online communities. More depth and relatability to your image or brand is possible by keeping the social media platforms you participate in to a minimum. This does not mean stick to one online community, but social media is not longer fun and begins to overwhelm you, that might be a sign to slow down.

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