A Pool of Endless Possibility

As I sit in a dark corner soaking in the soothing sounds of an acoustic jam competition at a house gone coffeeshop, I am taken by the traditional southern fans, deeply rhythmic sounds, engaged audience and feeling of euphoric relaxation as I play down a long day.

With unshaven faces, flannel shirts and only a guitar and a voice to call home, these disciples of Dylan and Kerouac leave their hearts on a sleeve, not for the money or fame the music may bring but for the ability to connect and touch others as only a song can do.

As we reflect on the memories that burn deep in our hearts each day of our lives, it is those individual moments that are made so permanent by the soundtracks that complete the film of our lives. That first dance, the first break-up, the first child, the reunion, those brief moments of greatness or just that quiet night by the fireplace. These are the simple reflections of individual retreat that leave the most lasting impression of who we are and who we will become.

Do these musicians have fears? More than most of us, but that fear only fuels the ability to dare to be great and more importantly to dare to fail. Every moment has a conclusion and every conclusion a new beginning.

What is the fine line between success in business and success in life. Do they co-exist together or live separately with the potential of journeys coming together forming that rare eclipse of pure nirvana.

Don’t lose yourself in reality. Understand we have responsibility and guidelines but then again as a child the world had no boundaries. We were a pool of creativity with endless possibilities.

Why lose that!!!

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