Everything I learned, I learned from the Gilmore Girls

“In the event of an internship in Washington DC, I have three resumes. One if I work for a Republican, one if I work for a Democrat and one for Joe Lieberman” – Paris Geller

Behind the witty banter, the emotional rollercoaster rides, the insightful relationships, the social class struggles, small town charm and big city egos and generational family ties, lies a series that provides a life enhancing experience.

Ling plays drums while eight months pregnant with twins.
An acoustic version of “My Heart will Go On” is played at a dog funeral
The series ends with Rory getting an job with an online journalism magazine to follow Barrack Obama on the campaign trail two years before he was even on the presidential radar to the White House
Carol King lends her vocals to the backdrop of the New England setting
Luke runs the diner we all wish we could sit down and relax in every morning
Logan is proud to be a trust fund child
The Gilmore Girls celebrated Christmas in January with mistletoe on a moving fan
Logan and the Fishman brought vaudeville alive with a single phone call
Woody Allen got compared to Carrottop

All this in four episodes. Think what happened in the first six seasons and the final 6 episodes.

Perhaps one of the greatest shows in modern times, The Gilmore Girls makes you want to be closer to your own family, have a deeper respect for your friends, appreciate your hometown and most of all see the good that is still left in the world.

Share a smile, let out a good cry and see what you have been missing.

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