Why am I applying for this career opportunity?

Many at some point will and some already are in search mode. The radar is on and we are setting a course for Careerville. Unfortunately, not a Facebook application yet but give it a week or two.

Before I consider a formal application, I prepare a preliminary Q&A to help determine if I want to formally put my hat in the pile.

Here are a few things I focus on when considering a career opportunity:

1) What is the financial stability of the organization and are they under a Merger & Acquisition radar. This gives me an understanding of the long term growth and stability of the organization and fronts the question of consolidation in the event of a merger.

2) Why is this opportunity open – New business, attrition, short-term fill, expertise missing from team setting

3) What type of support is around this role – Who are the other team members and what expertise do they bring? Is there administrative support? What type of training (shadowing, on the job, classroom) will help transition into this role?

4) Does this opportunity have a set advancement ladder? (Is there a job family? What is the progression chain? What is the projected time line for advancement?)

5) What is the communication, innovation and idea implementation culture? Does this organization welcome open ideas? Is there a chain of command? Is it conservative or open to taking risk?

6) What is the leadership vision and overall company mission and how does it role into this particular role?

7) What is the work life balance culture – How many hours a week are expected? Are there late nights or early mornings? What is the travel element?

8 ) Does this role provide me with new challenges that will evolve my professional experience or will it keep me at my status quo?

9) Why am I choosing this opportunity? Responsibilities, company reputation, stability, location, I need a job…

Of course some of these can only be addressed during an interview setting but these are questions I consider when considering a new opportunity.

Now the question, Why are you applying to this opportunity?
Once you develop your own list, you will be ready to take on that career search.

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