Sing – A Poem

Sing – A Poem

Sing, Sing, Sing
Sing for the children that cannot hear
Sing for journeyman lost on his way home
Sing for woman inflicted with pain
Sing for the dog only yearning to be held
Sing for the soldiers who are fighting an invisible villain
Sing for yesterday
Sing for tomorrow
Sing for now
Sing for the love we all feel inside
Sing for the first kiss
Sing for the final goodbye
Sing for the ability to feel the morning air one more time
Sing for the spirit that seeks salvation
Sing to the heavens for the angels are listening

One thought on “Sing – A Poem

  1. Hey Mark,
    I enjoyed “Sing” a lot. Reminded me of my favorite American poet and champion of the working man and woman, Walt Whitman. I look forward to perusing your blog. Heard about you via Linked In and HR Professionals group.

    Best to you,
    Ben Hollis
    “What’s It Like To Be You?” The Interactive Keynote That Gets to Your Company’s Core

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