Hewitt Associates Erin Peterson – Global Talent Acquisition Leader wins Staffing Professional of the Year

The title speaks for itself. Not one of the most witty titles but this is a rare time where a dedication blog is due.

I believe this blog is an opportunity to celebrate life and all the successes that give us pride and satisfaction.
In a world driven by chaos, greed, gluttony, selfishness, apathy and a few others that you can find under Donald Trump in Wikipedia, it is refreshing to see the collective work of a visionary appreciated by peers and industry leaders.

Chicago is a challenging market driven by diversified industry representation, a tremendous academic presence, highly competitive job markets, a visible and sometimes volatile financial markets, surging unemployment and a sensitive political arena. To stand out in this environment is an added testimony to the strength Erin Peterson has as a professional and a person.

The Staffing Management Association of Greater Chicago, bestowed their annual award for Staffing Professional of the Year to Erin on October 15th. For those of you that do not know Erin, she is a dedicated mother and wife, a networking guru, a leader that values dedication and rewards performance and and one that believes in constantly evolving and implementing change.

When she stepped into her role with Hewitt Associates in 2008, she took a platform that to the naked eye would take three to five years to implement. Set a global strategy, develop a new model of Talent Acquisition, re-invent a campus program from the ground up, develop and implement a social branding strategy, gain strides in diversity, and overall build a world class Talent Acquisition Organization.

Less than a year and a half later, the realization of her dream is being seen at a global level. Surrounded by a team that is dedicated to her vision, Erin has led this vision into a reality.

As this organization evolved so to did the supporting players by evaluating skills, developing training initiatives, adding new tools and becoming more ingrained in a solution that is cost effective with a high rate of return.

The metrics speak for themselves but the dedication of her team cannot be addressed in words.

This, in the humble opinion of Recruiterpoet will be the first of many recognitions to come.

Congratulations Erin and the entire Talent Acquisition Team at Hewitt Associates


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