My Future in Recruiting

“In the great mass of our people there are plenty individuals of intelligence from among whom leadership can be recruited.” – President Herbert Hoover

Is recruiting about the research, relationship building and acquisition and training of talent or the potential for greatness?

My future in recruiting will be a manifestation of innovation and change. Planting the seed, nurturing and watching the tree of global unification grow is a horticulturalist dream. As the branches expand and leaves grace the stems with intellectual brilliance we find ourselves in the Talent community holding hands around this tree and embracing the future ahead of us.

Throughout my academic ride, professors stressed the importance of cultural awareness, business models, relationship building, training and adaptation. Taken that knowledge base and diversifying my career over industry sectors and geographic change, I have witnessed a collective understanding of the key factors that contribute to the greatness all companies have the potential to achieve.

Business Model 101 dictates the elements of a successful organization are built on the foundation of a mission, core values, policies and procedures, sustained culture, rewards and recognition and ethics. Putting that all aside, I have always viewed the one key element that will set brilliance ahead of mediocrity is human capital.

Those that have the key skills and competencies will help a company maintain a competitive edge but leadership is driven by risk, challenge, change management, collaboration, fiscal understanding, and cultural tolerance.

My future in recruitment is not only to play a roll in acquiring the talent that will drive my organization to become a benchmark in our industry and provide a return on investment to all our shareholders but to groom the next generation that will catapult us to standards of excellence.

I will build relationships through social networking, personal connections, collaborative efforts and integration into their professional and personal well being. Who I connect with now may have an immediate impact on the future of my company or a long term affect.

I believe in the mission of my company and its goal of promoting my personal growth and development and I feel strongly that with patience, technical resources, industry knowledge and presence, I will build a network that will continue to grow over time both domestically and globally.

My future in recruiting is about embracing the tools of social media, not being afraid to connect, and understanding the knowledge base that is launching the evolution of my industry.

I am excited about the prospects of the future. I believe talent acquisition are the pioneers of a new movement in business and we will set the standards and dictate policy moving ahead.

This is an exciting time of change.

One thought on “My Future in Recruiting

  1. With your energy, enthusiasm and creativity, I have no doubt that you will succeed in realizing your goals! Thanks for the insight into this field of work!

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