One Year Later…

David Plouffe, Author of “The Audacity to Win” and campaign manager for the Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaign donned the camera’s of Meet the Press this morning as Rush Limbaugh provided insight on Fox Sunday morning. Two perspectives, two parties, and very different messages to the American public. With three major races in the balance for Tuesday, Virginia and New Jersey Gubernaturial and New York’s 23rd District seat, the question of how these elections could effect the Obama Administration loom.

The possibility of two Republicans and one conservative taken down the incumbant Democrats in these three races could have a continuted sliding effect on the public’s confidence in Obama and his pledge for government reform, energy and health care reform and the greening of our nation.

A recent poll showed confidence in Obama at 49% while only 39% believe he is doing an effective job to change government.

With some liberal focused Republicans leaving the party and no sign of a strong leadership presence, there is still a major change that needs to occur to re-energize that party.
With public concern for Obama leading to possible dissention in the up coming polls on Tuesday, there are signs that perhaps promises will not turn into implementation in the near term.
The Republicans in Washington are fighting hard to hold back policy agenda but is it valid?

One year later, discussions are running rampant, the economy has hinted at a recovery, the global turmoil lingers and unification of the two parties is still a dream.

As I look to the audience, what grade do you give this new administration one year later?

2 thoughts on “One Year Later…

  1. interesting perspective given on the decisions to be made on November gubernatorial election, and the job our President has been doing.
    I feel that given a chance, all his goals and desires will be fulfilled. Trying to overturn 8 plus years of greed and contempt for the middle and lower class, foreign opinion, and global survival will require a patient, intelligent, and determined leadership. I trust him. I feel that he has Americas interest in mind. Our health, our education, our future depends on trust in his leadership.

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