The Power of Love

Not to play off of the extreme cheezy reflection of the 80’s and Huey Lewis and the News but then again that is what half of the Facebook community does each and every day, but I want to demonstrate the power that love can have over an individual and it’s last effects.

We all feel love in various ways but how often do we experience moments where we sacrifice all rational thought and action just to be swept away in an unforgettable breath of perfection.

This is a journal entry from Tuesday, December 28, 2004 – FYI: We are not together

“We shared a moment Sunday night. Unlike any moment I have shared in the past and more powerful than any emotion that could be created by Hollywood. Was it the stare, or the way she took my hand; the kiss on the forehead or the way she whispered “I love you” soft enough that I didn’t hear her. No matter what, we both shared a moment that neither one of us could or will forget for the rest of our lives. She is still in limbo right now. I cannot understand but each moment together is one more reason to be together.”

Do not be afraid to let yourself be vulnerable. It may not last forever but those rare individual moments of pure unification of love do…

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