A Decade of Mediocrity

Has the peak of internet innovation reached a halting plateau?

For Al Gore’s sake, we hope not; and for the true inventors of the internet who bestowed the earliest form of this porn sharing, obesity building, obsession magnet almost 55 years ago, we thank you and bow.

http://www.momb.com – The Museum of Modern Betas is a fun directory of new internet junk…I mean sites that will help reinvent modern technology and take us to new and exciting heights. As you funnel through the multitude of sites bottle necking the information superhighway you will notice a developing trend. That trend is a lack of invention.

Photo sharing, Twitter application tools, graphic design, 4D IM applications, event planning, music sharing and friend sharing…oh my.

What I have failed to see is a true innovator. Clearly the war is over. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google are the Generals in Victory and Apple is the high commanding officer.

With the gaming specialists, internet software developers, modulation application gurus and other twelve year old prodigies out there I am having trouble grasping the last of ingenuity on the internet front. We are a generation flowered in confusion and genius. We welcome challenge with open arms and have the technology to find a single human being among 6.3 billion. The industrial age was a time of invention. The internet age is the rise of the second invention but my fear is that it is over.

We developed it all. The only thing left is to let greed and competition take over and make tweaks and modifications to the current existing tools until we are so over-saturated that we will have an internet depression.

The question now is when. When will the internet be so saturated with junk that it will metaphorically explode into a pool of green slime that will cover us all.

I may be the first to say this, but I have been slimmed.

In the immortal mission of Blastoffnetwork.com: We will be the next Amway.

I hope the next generation of internet leaders take a long look at what has become of the greatest invention in modern mankind and stop the insanity now. It needs to breath and grow.

The internet is becoming less Arnold and more Cartman.

Help stop the bleeding…Don’t be afraid to invent greatness. Be a leader and set the standard.
Don’t look for immediate results but become the future of this most powerful communications tool.

3 thoughts on “A Decade of Mediocrity

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