A Time of Discovery

This is a rare moment where I have a title but no subject matter. My words this evening are a compilation of my surroundings, my very optimistic perception of my world and the music that is coming from the very gitty childlike performer on stage right now.

A close friend of mine told me last night about his date insisting I would like this one. I naturally inquired and he said that she was very positive and optimistic like me. I believe in the positive energy that surrounds us but I cannot say definitively I am happy twenty four hours a day. Needless to say I was very fortunate to get such a nice compliment and for my close friends to view me that way.

It is a testimony to my personal evolution and the value I have placed on all the good that has come into my life. It is not enough to see laughter and fulfillment but to feel it in others. It is the true gift that a song, a look, a feel or the feeling you have the first time you meet someone special. It brings us all back to our childhood; a time of discovery.

It is amazing how so much of our emotion is based on the direct exposure of our surroundings. Evenings remind us of loneliness and aging as mornings a reflection of rebirth. Each day is a new cycle of life and with each sunrise a new beginning.

We are blessed with each and every tomorrow that is handed to our spirits.

We thrive on the over-exaggeration of our own lives. Creating a world where we are busier than we really are. What is wrong with doing nothing. Sitting on the beach and watching a sunset, staring into someone’s eyes, watching a candle burn or listening to soft jazz. Is there anything wrong with taking brief moments and letting them pass slowly without any need for reward or recognition.

The reward in the soothing sensation that somehow when you least expect it brings a smile to your face and that smile just lingers on…..

One thought on “A Time of Discovery

  1. I love this post a lot. I will certainly be back again. Hope that I will be able to read much more helpful posts then. Will probably be sharing your knowledge with all of my associates!

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