Survivor: Recruiterville

This season of Survivor promises the most dangerous, unpredictable, cut throat competition you have ever witnessed. The challenges will be more complex, the contestants will stop at nothing for ultimate victory and the reward; more lucrative than any past season. This year’s Survivor will walk away with unconditional job security.

Is the sanctity of life the value we place upon ourselves of those whose lives we affect? We are the bearers of the future lifestyle of each and every candidate we touch. Whether that is through a simple interaction or months of developing relationships. We are a gateway to the ends defining the means.

What is the reward? When is victory found? Some Human Resource philosophers will argue never. As Talent Acquisition Specialists, we are on an endless pursuit. One without a beginning nor an end. Is this continuous circle an invitation to insanity or a calming effect on the track of professional excellence?

As we look around at the ambitious contestants we see signs of anticipation, anxiety, confidence, fear, apprehension and adrenaline. This season, the island will be filled with hunters who will be hunted by their own self-conscious. Prepare for a season of thrills and chills that you will never forget.

Each contestant will begin with a Recruiters Survival Kit which will include the following items:

1) CRM Tool
2) Legal Toolkit
3) Measurement/Metric system
4) Industry News Links
5) Social Networking Tools
6) Cultural and Translation Tools – Global Acquisition
7) A Compass

Challenge #1

Acquire the highest quality talent while reduce operating costs.

Now that should eliminate half the pool of contestants

Challenge #2

Develop a pipeline of talent and build a community of relationships that will enhance future acquisition needs for the next several quarters and years

Challenge #3

Transition from a traditional process orientated office role to a virtual social media global environment

Challenge #4

Develop a series of unique and creative sourcing techniques that take you out of your bubble and provide you with an edge on the competition

Final Challenge

Revolutionize the world of Talent Acquisition. Dare to change the evolutionary scale and set a new standard.

The field is in place and the island of Recruiterville with all its inhabitants are eager to witness the beginning of the elimination process. Can you feel the energy on the island?

Now for the M Night twist: Look in the mirror and look around you…You are a contestant. Welcome to Survivor: Recruiterville.

Strap on your best bandana and cargo pants. This is going to be a bumping ride but what a fun one it will be.

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