Mental Exercise….You are so missing out

The holiday season is now in full swing and that entails Thanksgiving, holiday work parties, friend bashes and of course the night of all gluttony and sin (Not Mardi Gras), New Year’s Eve. You don’t have to watch infromercials at three in the morning to know that physical fitness, exercise and diets are the buzz words for this and every holiday season.

Of course once the clock hits midnight and we all literally feel like pumpkins, we break out the good pens and script the news years resolution that tend to last on average two to four weeks. I know some of you are nodding your heads and holding them up proud knowing you kept your resolutions in tact. You keep telling yourself that.

After all the abs rollers are worn out and the running shoes are hung up to dry don’t lose focus on the most important part of your body, your mind.

Mental exercise and therapy are often overlooked. Many are stressed with the many trials and tribulations we are undergoing with the recession, health concerns, military deployment and excessive work hours. We are all human. We all can undergo a tremendous amount of stress but in the end, stress will always win over us.

This is a reminder to everyone young and old. Take time to relax. Listen to some quiet music, light candles, read a book you have been putting off, take a vacation by yourself and find some inner peace. Do not let work take over you. It will be there when you come back. Be careful and exercise your mind with stimulation, comfort and challenge but have fun with it.

This public broadcast message was brought to you by the Letter “P” and by the fine residents of Sesame Street.

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