America’s Song (Original Lyrics)

Canvas of Clouds
Valleys of Red Rock
Rivers empty into the guardians of the hills
Valleys are the eternal footprints in time
Etchings in the hills
Miles of green color our land

From ocean to ocean; sea to sea
In the belly of the canyon is the heart of this great land

The faces of heroes echo off the mountains
Plains stretch from state to state
Patches of farmland remind us of pastures ahead
Bison roam, cows graze, birds sing

Reach out your hands, join together and sing out loud
Men, women and children join as one
Raise your hats to the sky
Let the wings of freedom reign high above the clouds


Essence of America
Smiles of children
Laughter like waves crashing on the shore
Cliffs hover a million miles below
The bottomless ocean fills out infinite dreams
Cars racing search of a a paradise called America

Teachers praise freedom; soldiers defend it; and children dream of it

Peace is a five letter word that can be seen through the eyes of a newborn
Mother Liberty our keeper and protector
Waving at the Staten Island Ferry
In her arms, freedom is safe bearing the words of our forefathers
Guarding her two children peace and independence

Prisons filled with oppression
Our homes a fortress
Together, hand in hand we will find the answer

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