Free Will or Destiny….Who Decides

This article is brought to you by the letter Y

I want to spend a little time discussing some of the observations and conversations that have come across my circle of existence in the last week.

Before I begin, I would like to let the audience know that I have come into a tremendous amount of new wealth as a result of winning the UK National Lottery and Irish National Lottery all within the time frame of one week. Once I send in all my personal information to the Lottery officials via email I should have the checks very shortly. For those that believe they have won based on similar emails, it’s too late..I won. Go ahead and delete the emails now. I will wait.

I got an very nice and professional call on Tuesday about a role I had that was filled over six weeks ago. I was ready to graciously call the candidate and explain the timing of the interest. The only concern was the time of the call. I believe that a professional with a strong external focus should not have traditional business hours of contact but limits should exist. Please jump in with an opinion. Is 1:45 AM too late to call about a potential career opportunity? If I am wrong I would be most happy to declare to the world that I am wrong and that is an appropriate time for a call.

My brother-in-law in a discussion over brunch, while my brother is teaching my nine year old nephew blackjack, our waitress is searching for bumper stickers, my dad is stealing Splenda and I am rejoicing over how normal my family is, explained that the Lord knows all that will happen. I inquired and asked if he believed in free will. My brother-in-law said “of course” but the Lord still knows everything that will happen. He said that was one of the unexplainable things in life.

After I had a minor head spinning incident I decided nodding was my best course of action.

I leave with this question:

Do you believe in free will, destiny or both????

We will let the audience decide.

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