Whose Life Will You Touch?

In light of the global outpouring of financial, spiritual, and unbiased support to rebuild the lives of those affected by the Earthquakes in Haiti, it is a prevalent time to take a step back and ask ourselves the question: Whose Life Will You Touch?

This is the message that is spearheading the campaign launch of the new Hewitt Associates Career Website release (http://www.hewittcareers.com/).

A career is not about personal gratification and lifestyle accomodations but the value you bring to an organizational structure and ultimately the impact you have on other lives. Hewitt has a commitment to excellence in customer satisfaction, community involvement, quality of life and passion for meeting the needs of all the individuals whoses lives they affect. This is not a catch line but a morale framework for adhering to the bettering of society.

Over the last 18 to 24 months, families, communities, neighborhoods, states, countries and continents have been adversely altered due to the global recession. During that time, millions of people in ways small and large have done all they can to help others in an showering of support.

In life, as we grow and mature we tend to see the world in a much more complicated way. It seems almost critical to simply our surrounded and place value on morales and shared values.

The challenge I have today is to look in the mirror and ask yourself: Whose Life Will You Touch?

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