Search Engine Optimization – Can it work…You Betcha

Maximizing content and output on the web with minimal and effective cost and time limitation.

Did you appreciate my personal and rendition of the latest and greatest in internet based technology. Ok, perhaps it is not the latest, but clearly not all users take advantage of the tools.

In fact, some may see this as a blog while others can see through the sheer exterior and uncover the marketing plug aligned with this posting.

I am a big fan of the Google profile application not only as a virtual business card for an individual but also as a simplified tool for corporations to funnel out information pertaining to their organization including career opportunities, financials, community service, volunteer work, positive press, location sites and network alignment.

Today a new vision arose: The utilization of Google Profiles to promote career opportunities and maximize search engine exposure

This page is designed specifically for career opportunities with Hewitt Associates in Charlotte, North Carolina only.

Could this be the latest and greatest in Talent Acquisition process improvement.
I cannot forecast the future. Believe me I have tried but I think we may be embarking on the start of something bigger than the ever expanding Universe of Tweet This and Tweet That.

When you are sitting in a strategy meeting thinking up new ideas to promote career opportunities, let me recommend Google Profile pages.

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