All Weekend Long: Live Sourcing Training (Powered by Arbita Sourcing Lab and Sourcecon)

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What if you could learn to take your sourcing game to another level from the top sourcers in the world, literally by your side? SourceCon 2010 introduces something that could speed your development by years, and you come home from the conference having gotten more actual sourcing done in just two hours than a whole day at your home/office. Bring your toughest requisitions/candidate profiles and get ready to blow your mind with new ways to build pipelines, faster than you ever thought possible.

Industry leaders Shally Steckerl, Glenn Gutmacher and ten more of the world’s most-skilled CyberSleuths will recommend special applications and plug-ins to download, powerful methods and tool gems, and other tips to maximize what’s already on your computer and how you use it. If you were ever unsure how to get something to work or wondered if you were doing it the best way, this is the testing ground where you’ll get turbocharged.

Can’t attend live and in person? Come virtually! Register here to participate in a live broadcast of Lab coaching sessions.

Learn from the best! Confirmed Lab leaders/presenters include: Amybeth Hale, Dan Harris, Dave Mendoza, Glenn Gutmacher, Jim Stroud, Josh Kahn, Russ Moon, Shally Steckerl, Steve Rath, Teresa Bustamante, Tim O’Connor, Mike Notaro, Eric Jaquith, and more!


Bring any question you want related to sourcing and we’ll probably either have someone in the lab, or find you someone, who can answer your question. But in case you can’t think of any questions while you are there you could attend (or stay logged in, if you’re attending virtually) any of the 15-minute “speed round” presentations or one-on-one coaching sessions on the following topics (below schedule updated March 3, 2010):

Sunday March 14 (all times US Pacific):

12 to 1pm: Improve the Requisition Intake Meeting -Glenn Gutmacher
1 to 1:30 : Facebook Sourcing – Tim O’Connor
1:30 to 2: Facebook Branding – Tim O’Connor
2 to 2:30: Blog Search / Branding – Steve Rath
2:30 to 3pm: Phone Sourcing – Dan Harris
3 to 3:30pm: Cold Calling – Teresa Bustamante
3:30 to 4pm: Search Engine Commands -Teresa Bustamante
4 to 4:15: Social Networking Tools & Methods – Dan Harris & Glenn Gutmacher
4:15 to 4:30: Lookup Tools & Aggregators – Dan Harris & Glenn Gutmacher
4:30 to 5pm: International & Diversity Sourcing – Dan Harris & Glenn Gutmacher
5 to 5:30: Productivity tools: Macros, Browser add-ons and Google CSEs – Mike Notaro
Monday March 15 (all times US Pacific):

8 to 8:30: LinkedIn Groups – Teresa Bustamante & Dave Mendoza
8:30 to 9: Bookmarklets – Glenn Gutmacher
9 to 9:30: Data Mining – Teresa Bustamante & Glenn Gutmacher
9:30 to 10: Sourcing Triage: How to respond to an urgent need -Teresa Bustamante
10 to 10:30: Power Tools – Glenn Gutmacher
10:30 to 11: Persistent Search Alerts & Feeds – Tim O’Connor
11 to 11:30: Phone Sourcing -Dan Harris
11:30 to 12pm: Semantic Search – Steve Rath
12 to 12:30: LinkedIn Sourcing – Dave Mendoza & Steve Rath
12:30 to 1pm: LinkedIn Branding – Dave Mendoza & Steve Rath
1pm to 1:30: Vlogging & Video for Recruiting & Sourcing – Jim Stroud
1:30p to 2:00p: Twitter tools for search and cleanup – Amybeth Hale
2 to 2:30: Twitter – Steve Rath
2:30 to 3pm: Cold Calling – Teresa Bustamante
3 to 3:30: Boolean & Search Fundamentals – Tim O’Connor
3:30 to 4pm: Browser Plugins & Bookmarklets – Russ Moon & Teresa Bustamante
4 to 4:30: Senior Executive Selling/Reverse Mentoring – Russ Moon
4:30 to 5pm : International & Diversity Sourcing -Shally Steckerl
5 to 5:30 : Productivity tools: RescueTime, Xobni, LinkedIn Toolbars -Shally Steckerl

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