Emerging Pension Risk Practices – Complimentary Multi-city Seminars Hosted by Hewitt Associates – Register Today!

As the global economic environment continues to change, practices for managing pension plans continue to evolve as well. As recent Hewitt research suggests, plan sponsors are making changes to their risk management practices, investment mix, and overall plan management.

In the section that follows, we explore many of these topics in greater detail. For a more exhaustive review of these trends, along with specific recommendations, please join your peers at one of our upcoming complimentary events.

Current DB Practices
During Fall 2009, more than 400 retirement professionals worldwide shared their insights on pension management with Hewitt regarding funding policy, investment policy, risk management, and plan design.

How does your plan compare? Read the survey results.

Pension Risk Solutions: A Focus on Fixed Income & Hedge Fund Strategies
In this Web seminar reply, Hewitt risk management experts Joe McDonald and Ari Jacobs join experts from Mesirow Advanced Strategies and NISA Investment Advisors to review several of the strategies progressive pension funds are using today to better manage their risks.

Learn about dynamic investment policy implementation, physical and synthetic fixed income solutions, and hedge fund strategies for your plan.

Access the Web seminar replay. (This replay is hosted by Pensions & Investments online magazine, and free signup/login is required.)

A Primer on Dynamic Investment Policy
In this three-part series, we provide a comprehensive overview of dynamic investment policies (dynamic IPs) for defined benefit plans. Part One covers the events that have contributed to the rise of dynamic investment policies, and Part Two reviews the basic mechanics of a dynamic investment policy. And finally, Part Three offers some additional practical considerations for plan sponsors.

Read our dynamic IP papers:


Putting it All Together
Attend our complimentary Pension Risk Management Conferences to learn about:

How plan sponsors have changed their investment policies over the past two years
Lessons learned from dynamic IP adoption
Current investment opportunities and risks
Emerging plan risks and techniques to mitigate them

Register for an upcoming conference:


Multiple Cities
April 13 through May 12, 2010

An Update on Emerging Trends
As plan sponsors adapt their pension management practices in response to the recent financial crisis and economic recession, new strategies such as dynamic investment policies and enhanced asset-liability governance have emerged. These new solutions bring with them new questions. What is the next risk for which plan sponsors should be preparing? As part of an eleven city conference tour, Hewitt will help you answer that question.

These complimentary sessions will help plan sponsors address the following questions:

How have plan sponsors changed their investment policies in response to the events of 2008/2009?
What are some of the lessons learned as plan sponsors adopt dynamic investment policies?
What are the current investment opportunities and risks?
What risks are emerging and what can plan sponsors do to protect themselves?
Join your peers to hear how successful companies are managing their pension finances in 2010 and beyond. The conferences will include insights from Hewitt thought leaders, client presenters, and industry experts.

The conferences will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. (except Chicago and New York, which will end at 3 p.m.) and refreshments will be provided. So please join us in one of the following cities:

Atlanta, GA – April 29
Charlotte, NC – May 6
Chicago, IL – April 20
Cleveland, OH – April 28
Dallas, TX – May 12
Detroit, MI – April 22
Houston, TX – May 11
New York, NY – April 13
San Francisco, CA – April 29
St. Louis, MO – April 28
Waltham, MA – May 4

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