A Day in the Life of a Professional Bohemian

This morning I greeted my day with three and a half hours of work from my laptop including a build up of calls from the previous week. With the reduction of commuting time, the efficiency level of my work day was able to accommodate the necessary workload and limited hours of availability. For what began at 6:20 AM was the start of a vacation day.

After a long warm shower, I made my way to Einstein Brothers with the company of my father and enjoyed a great cup of coffee and lightly toasted spinach bagel while reading about ECits and the Hedge Fun community in the Financial Times.

The day migrated forward with a long historical journey through the campus of the University of Texas on a beautiful cloudless day and a journey through three floors of Texas history concluded by the Hubble 3-D experience at the IMAX.

The day had reached a midpoint.

Now is time for a 35 minute routine on the stepper machine. 250 calories later and a classic Seinfeld to keep me entertained, I spent 20 minutes in the hot tub to relax the muscles and engage in aquatic meditation. Yes, I am not officially patenting the phrase “aquatic meditation”.

After another shower, I threw on a sports jacket with my slacks and black shirt and had an amazing spinach salad and espresso at a little Argentinian restaurant on the east side.

A nice calm walk downtown with music shouting from the bars and the ideal professional bohemian day has come to an end.

Sometimes we all need a day like this to balance productivity, relaxation, family and culture to show the true value we all possess.

Today’s homework assignment, find your inner peace and make a day for yourself. Soon, very soon.

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