Sonni’s Abyss – Here is your chance to own the book ahead of the new release, “A Beautiful World”

Mark A. Leon, Voice of Modern American Poetry takes a vision in poetry that will provide a new and old audience of readers a contemporary concept of poetic expression. Introducing Sonni’s Abyss – A Collection of Poetry and Photography. Let Mark’s words of inspiration find a home in your heart.

Here is your chance to purchase ahead of the new release, “A Beautiful World”

Samples and Purchase Link:

Through a decade of personal success and tragedy, Mark A. Leon has taken his global journey and provided the reader with a collection that will penetrate the emotions and bring you to another place that will ultimately allow you to face your own personal path with strength and courage. Sonni’s Abyss is the newest collection of works from Mark A. Leon. Follow his journey and in time make it your own.

Mark started his life excursion in New Jersey and has experienced his personal vision in Alaska, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Spain, Mexico and the United States coast to coast. During his own personal adventure, he has absorbed a deeper understanding of global culture while maintaining his strength from his family and circle of friends that have supported him. During the last decade, a series of events have brought Mark to extreme periods of deep despair to moments of euphoria. This book outlines his journey in a way that is fresh and deeply showered in emotion. Utilizing metaphorical angles, derivatives of nature, spirituality, love, death and rebirth, this exploration has been embraced by readers of all ages.

Mark believes that everything in our lives is poetry from the songwriter to the composer to the teacher. Each and every one of us expresses a feeling of truth and understanding in our art. Expression of oneself is a true artistic form but the ability to transfer and affect the life of another individual is a true gift. This book is a testament to how the written word can change a life. That is the true victory; the ability to help one life and find inner happiness and peace.

The journey begins with one page. Let’s yourself go and start your own personal exploration of reflection. Let Sonni’s Abyss help you find your path.

Thoughts on the book, Sonni’s Abyss:

“His beautiful and honest prose draws you in as they reveal a modern look at everyday emotion. His sense of time and place bring you the world through his eyes, while his sense of home brings you to new places. His passion for life, almost tangible as you read his accounts of love, loss, and faith.” – Jill – (Georgia)

“This book reads like a journey with each poem representing a different time or event.” – Jane (New Jersey)

Please take the time to read samples of Mark A. Leon’s words of inspiration and I hope you can share this book with people you love.

Mark is also a contributing author on two collections raising charity for impoverished children in African entitled Poetry for Charity – Volume I and Poetry for Charity – Volume II

Link to purchase of Sonni’s Abyss at Barnes and Noble

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