A Hero’s Welcome – Look Around There are Hero’s all around (Ask 19 Year old Antoinette)

Provided by Seneca Daily Journal – Seneca, South Carolina

Sophomore saves boy from drowning

Sophomore Antoinette Angell saved a seven-year-old boy from drowning Wednesday afternoon at the Seneca (SC) City Pool. Angell was serving as lifeguard at the pool.

According to reports, the boy’s head was under water. Angell jumped in and pulled the seven-year-old out of the pool. He was foaming at the mouth.

“I didn’t think there was hope,” Angell said. “He wasn’t breathing, and his face was so discolored. He was so cold.”

Angell performed CPR on the boy. It was the first time she performed CPR since learning it last year.

“The first minute he wasn’t responding,” she said.

Angell continued to administer CPR. About a minute later he opened his eyes, but he had still not caught his breath. With adrenaline racing, Angell remained calm and continued to administer CPR. After several seconds, the boy caught his breath. Angell turned the boy on his side, and he released the air from his lungs.

“I experienced the worst feeling and the best feeling in a matter of minutes,” Angell said. “Taking him out of the water and then seeing him take his first breath.

“No one realizes how precious life is,” she said. “I’m thankful that God gave us two minutes.”

The boy was taken to the hospital after the incident and is doing fine.

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