Here is your chance – Top Recession Proof Jobs (Apply Here!)

Provided by Tim King

1. Headhunter One company’s layoff is another’s splash in the potential employee pool. Because of downsizing there are qualified people out there without jobs, and now is a great time to find them, pick them up and place them somewhere. Both sides win.

2. Bartender While the restaurant business may be floundering, bars won’t exactly boom, but they will be the first place people stop after getting the boot. Hey, people drink more when times are tough.

3. Software/Networking Development As new companies grow, here and overseas, they will need people to develop software for them to use and networks for them to communicate with. Companies need quality communication systems and programs to help them run as or more efficiently than competing companies.

4. Personal/Professional Finance Advisor After unprecedented amounts of financial scandals and poor fiscal management blunders surface, people and professionals alike will crack down on bookkeeping.

5. Repo Man Sadly, as more and more people fall on hard times, they will have to start giving up their possessions in order to make ends meet. The repossession industry will reap the benefits.

6. Collection Agents Companies are going belly-up left and right. The ones that don’t want to will try as hard as they can to keep their books clean, both legally and financially. Collection agencies will have no shortage of clients as more and more companies try to clean up.

7. Military /Government Jobs More and more service members overseas are extending their tours so they don’t have to face the bleak job market back home. The government will always need people to keep it functioning. Plus, government jobs are harder to get fired from and the benefits can be sweet, especially for those with families.

8. Nursing and Pharmaceuticals I’m sure you’ve heard it before: the baby boomers are getting old. In the coming years there will be a seemingly endless realm of potential patients to treat, and the nursing career and pharmaceutical industry will ride the wave high.

9. Truck Driver It’s not for everyone, but it’s a time-tested and classic profession. People are always going to need stuff, and that stuff will need to get places. Most of the time you will get a certain amount of time off for a certain amount of miles completed, which can mean lots of down time for rest and personal projects, and the medical and retirement benefits are a plus as well.

10. Fundraiser Asking for money is an idea that makes many people shudder, especially when everyone seems so tight. But with green jobs on a possible brink of booming and city planning expanding, companies and contractors are going to need people to raise funds. Besides, if you’re a good fundraiser you will have a good enough relationships with your donors that asking for money shouldn’t be a big issue.

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