Emerging Health Trends 2010: The Road Ahead

Provided by Hewitt Associates (www.hewitt.com)

Hewitt’s The Road Ahead — Emerging Health Trends 2010 survey highlights the strategic direction employers plan to take in the immediate future, as well as emerging long-term trends. The survey covers: strategy and planning; cost trends; and design features of employer-provided health care and other benefits.

The survey also explores employer perspectives on issues related to health care reform and the effects of the continued sluggish economy on employer benefit plans. Data regarding these topics, in combination with those on overall strategy and planning, help us unlock what we can expect from employers in 2010, as well as over the next few years.

Nearly 600 organizations participated in the survey, representing programs affecting more than 10 million U.S. employees and dependents.

Full PDF Report (27 Pages)


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