Life is a Series of Hello’s and Goodbye’s – Thank you Cynthia! Hewitt will miss you!

Today we gave a fond farewell to a manager, leader and most of all, a friend.

As she departs the humble walls of Hewitt for a new challenge, we took time to reflect on the shared memories that carried us through some very life altering changes.  With the backdrop of a new leadership team, a new model and a recession, she took the helm with poise, confidence and even a hint of vulnerability.

In her steps we followed.  It was a path of uncertainty filled with jagged edges and foggy skies but we always had support on our side.

She took chances, gave guidance but most of all let us fall and get up on our own accord.

Her legacy will be different for each one of us.  Some will see her in a professional light while others have a much more personal view of their relationship with her.

Either way, the message was clear, she made a lasting impact on all of us that will carry long after she has walked away from her throne.

A catalyst for change when change needed to be embraced

A warrior in a battle with an unknown enemy

A cheerleader on a team that was ready to step on the field

A mentor for those that didn’t even realize there was so much more to learn

She created a family of thinkers and believers that continue to stretch to new heights.

For that, we thank you.

Thank you Cynthia for taking Hewitt Associates and Sourcing to the next level.

As she walks away, head held up with pride, we continue on carrying her mission with each new day.

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