Why Google is the Best: Talent Acquisition Strategy

Provided by:  Social Machinery

One factor that made possible the great development of Google as a hub for innovation is their recruitment methodology used when hiring employees. That methodology has been able to built Google’s most important asset: Human capital.

To identify and select these workers, Google use a very tough and comprehensive recruitment process:

1. Detect talents in its infancy

Companies like Microsoft try to hunt talents on their last University year and recruit them in an early stage. On the contrary, Google identify those talents in an early stage but allow them to complete their studies, complemented with masters and doctorates.

Also, Google runs contests and mathematical problems placed in technology magazine or universities campus. These types of aptitude tests encourage engineers and hardcore geeks to submit their answers along with their resumes.

As Google vice president of engineering, Alan Eustace mentioned when it comes to hiring engineers, the strategy is to get engineers that “worth 300 times more than average”. The deputy director also added that he would rather lose an entire group of engineering graduates before an exceptional technologist. Actually, many Google services like Google News and Gmail were initiated by one person. Google plans to continue maintaining such criteria for finding, identifying and incorporating exceptionally bright talents.

2. Challenging interviews and selection process

Interviews and selections methods used by Google are unconventional. The recruitment process can last several weeks and could include up to 12 candidates meetings. Candidates need to sign confidentiality agreements and any negative opinion about the process could disqualify them. During this selection process technical questions are alternated with “brain teasers” as curious as how many golf balls fit in a school bus? Or how much you would charge for cleaning all windows in Seattle?

3. Speed up the on boarding process

The group that selects the candidates is usually formed by a high number of company workers who know deeply Google’s operation and could decide on the level of training for candidates during on boarding stage. New employees are placed in small working groups to speed up their interaction and absorb Google’s culture faster.

It also interesting to notice that Google distributes the time of its employees, allowing 20% to be spend on personal projects. This motivates employees, spread innovative ideas and improve their products driven by employees’ entrepreneurial spirit.

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