Opening the Door to a New World – Follow Trollie the Troll on his adventures

Have you ever dreamed about sailing around the Gallapagos Islands?
Scaling the swiss alps
Standing in awe by Mount Rushmore
Overlooking the majestic Golden Gate Bridge
Jogging on the Great Wall of China
Wondering how Stonehenge got there….

Why haven’t you done these things?

I don’t have enough money?
I will someday?
My life is too busy right now?
It is not that easy.
Excuses, excuses, excuses….

Each day is a gift. You have the ability to breath in and experience the magic that is life.
If you do nothing else today, make that bucket list of all the places you dreamed of seeing and go plan the next adventure.

As a little motivation, we thought we would take you on a little journey with Trollie the Troll.

Watch as Trollie experiences life one place at a time.

Don’t blink, you may miss Trollie’s next adventure.

A little frog jazz anyone?

Missy the Grassy Cow was a great tourguide.

Even Trolls get hungry.
And thirsty...
Troll made a new friend
Gotta use the little Troll room
Troll loves to capture his adventures in his blog
Bed Time. Good night.

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