Now You Can Bump iPhones to Become Facebook Friends

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Bump, the app that makes it super simple to exchange information with other users by bumping phones, has just released Bump 2.0 [iTunes link] for the iPhone.

The app features an updated and refined interface plus the ability to compare calendars, instantly connect on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, and the ability to send messages back and forth without another Bump. Like its predecessor, Bump 2.0 is free.

Bump is a great app for people that travel in groups with lots of smartphone users because it makes it simple to transfer information without the need to pass out business cards. It’s easy to use; just open up the app and make the “bump” gesture with the device to share your contact information.

You can set up your contact profile in Bump by selecting your existing address book entry or by creating something brand new. You can then customize what information you want to include or exclude. We like that you can save multiple profiles, one of which you could use for, say, business contacts, and another for personal ones.

The ability to compare calendars and set up meetings on-the-fly is a great addition to Bump. It’s sort of like and strikes us as being especially useful for business networking events.

If you set up Bump to let you share your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn information instantly, Bump can even compare friends you have with the user you are “bumping” and show you items like photos from Facebook.

Bump also lets you share contacts and photos with the person you are bumping — another nice touch. Bump alerts you when someone sends you their info and you can choose to add them to your Friends list or follow them on Twitter.

While Bump 2.0 is for the iPhone, there is also an Android version of Bump available in the Android Market and the apps are cross-device compatible.

Do you use an app to exchange information with new people, or does a business card and a cocktail napikin suffice?

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