Finding My Home on the Road – A Journey of Discovery

As the top went down and this father and son team let the sun race down through the glare of our sunglasses, we began a journey with the backdrop of the New England coastline as our guide to an awakening.

Over the next few days we embarked on an excursion blended with culture, history and reunion in this journey taken from the lyrics of a true journeyman to the music of the wind.

Feeling the spirit of our forefathers and the authors of our nation’s history, we walked in Walden’s Pond, followed the Freedom Trail where Paul Revere rode, saw the whites of their eyes at Lexington and Concord, stood on Old Ironsides, sat in Boston Common, had coffee in Portsmouth, NH, felt the academic genius of Harvard University, soaked in the generations of Italians on the North End and trailed the hills of Providence, Rhode Island.

We were exhausted with life.

Each day a new journey, each encounter a memorable exchange.

Katie reinforced that dreams are always attainable
Dana always knows how to make smile.
The staff at In a Pickle in Waltham defined true teamwork and contentment.

The locals know how hard the winters are and the dangers of a fisherman’s life but also bask in the simple pleasures of small town America.

There is a warmth in New England that is difficult to put into works. A simplicity as soft as the waves complimenting the sunrise.

With Dad it was reflecting on World War II, the Civial War, Korea and the the Great War. Each stone etched with names and events. Outside of Quincy Market a reminder of the devistation of the Holocaust while the market allowed the city to give back to the farmers.

Even during recession small business owners survive keeping the traditions of what made this country great intact.

Providence, Newburyport and Portsmouth, each decorated with a unique design culivated over 250 years. The rich colors and structural foundation a standing salute to our forefathers.

Whether the goal was to find out the true meaning of defending the honor of this country, finding inspiration through Henry David Thoreau, meeting people you admire, enjoying the richness of Italian culture and food, seeing a part of the United States that still honors its founding woman and men or just a a trip with your Dad, this road trip gave me much more than I gave to it.

2 thoughts on “Finding My Home on the Road – A Journey of Discovery

  1. Very nice. Not that it matters to the content or feel of what you are writing but there are several typos that distracted me. Lisa told me I’m a perfectionist which I am not! See you Saturday.

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