Pour Some Sugar on Me: The Day Apple Defined the World that We Live In Today!

On January 22, 1984, Apple launched a 58 second spot during the Super Bowl that was only aired once, but was the defining moment of a transformation of technology that has shaped the way we view the world today.

Directed by Ridley Scott, just off the success of the much acclaimed Blade Runner, this innovative look through the souls of our own suspension of reality into a world defined by the visionary George Orwell and made into a reality by the advent of advances in technology and communication, set us up for a bomb that 25 years later has changed the world forever.

How can millions of people all around the globe be so fixated on a 58 second spot that blew our minds away without even realizing what were were witnessing. We stared into the unknown of endless possibility.

It was a defining moment, not in Super Bowl commercial history, but in the evolution of cultural change. That evening we all felt a surge of energy rush through our bodies and we looked at the future of civilization. Did Apple even understand at the time, how iconic this spot would be?

As members of Generation X, gadgets became a part of life with the Commodore units, video games, Atari and Nintendo transforming children from outdoor species to indoor species but there was still an element of connection with personal hands on relationships. Today we see relationships through a four inch screen and a series of social networks that take us around the world faster than the speed of light.

That hammer throw. That defiant moment shattered all traditional thought and opened an abyss that has not only shaped the lives we live but in some respects has begun to control it.

Some may argue that Apple is a cult following or just the savior or the corporate infrastructure. Whatever side you choice, they are defining culture and developing trends in technology that no other organization can match.

Apple has become a religion. One of choice or one of forced stimulation we may never know, but it is in fact a new following. Are the community of doubters of organized religion who are opening the channels of creativity and free spirited thought looking for something new to believe in? Apple doesn’t produce products. They produce a way of life and a way of thinking. It is about defying what is acceptable and making it better. Apple is a leader but they are not wanting to take a leadership role. They want each and every one of us to be a leader and they are only providing the resources.

Was January 22, 1984 the new “AD”. Did water turn into wine that evening. Maybe there is a little sensationalism in this last comment but one cannot argue the critical importance that the commercial served and continues to serve as paths are set for the next generation of technology enhanced products.

To Apple we look to you as you look to us.


Hewitt Survey Shows Strategic Importance of Total Rewards in Successful M&A Transactions

Provided by Hewitt Associates (www.hewitt.com) – Press Release September 29, 2010

As corporate merger and acquisition activity continues to increase around the world, a new survey by Hewitt Associates, a global human resources consulting and outsourcing company, found that how companies leverage their compensation and benefits programs during these transactions plays a critical role in retaining key talent and ensuring the overall success of the deal.

Findings from Hewitt’s July M&A survey of 103 companies around the world showed that just 44 percent of organizations that participate in M&A activity met or exceeded their stated transaction goals. Hewitt’s survey also revealed that total rewards—which include compensation and benefits programs—is one of the main levers that organizations can use to drive deal success. In fact, of the companies in Hewitt’s survey that exceeded their transaction goals, almost all exhibited four key characteristics for how they approached their total rewards strategies:

Focusing on Liabilities in Due Diligence

According to Hewitt’s analysis, companies that exceeded their transaction goals (“Overachievers”) gave extra attention to total rewards elements in due diligence that are most likely to create liabilities. These areas included employment contracts, change-in-control and severance agreements (95 percent); executive compensation (90 percent); defined benefit retirement plans (79 percent); and executive benefits and perquisites (74 percent).

“During a transaction, Overachiever companies have a laser-like focus on total rewards liabilities and leadership, while organizations that fail to meet their goals spread their attention across a variety of due diligence topics,” said Elizabeth Fealy, global leader of Hewitt’s Corporate Transactions and Transformation Consulting practice. “Overachiever companies are simply better at evaluating their total rewards pre- and post-merger, mitigating potential risks and leveraging the cost savings they uncover.”

Looking at Total Rewards in Aggregate

During the purchase agreement stage, Hewitt’s survey found that more than two-thirds (67 percent) of successful organizations provided compensation and benefits similar to those of the acquired company for a set time after close. This broad commitment helped ensure employees didn’t experience a loss in the value of their rewards because of the acquisition—a core concern of most employees. These organizations were also more likely to make similar commitments for their employees in a divestiture situation (69 percent).

Most successful companies (63 percent) also examined compensation and benefits together and as part of a larger reward strategy after the deal closes. These companies looked for tradeoffs that enabled increases in some areas of benefits and compensation to be offset by decreases in other areas.

Being Deliberate About Talent Retention

According to Hewitt’s survey, more than three-quarters (77 percent) of all companies identified retention packages among the most effective tools in retaining top talent during a transaction. However, successful companies typically developed packages that were contingent upon the achievement of post-closing metrics and in all instances, the retention bonuses were payable within three years. These packages were also often offered much deeper within the organization—below the senior executive level. Beyond specialized retention packages, our survey shows that companies that exceeded their deal objectives also paid more attention to areas such as role selection and identification of high-potential talent.

“Overachieving companies understand that retaining key talent is critical to the success of the company post-deal,” said Dave Kompare, North American leader of Hewitt’s Corporate Transactions and Transformation Consulting practice. “But they also recognize that there’s more to a retention strategy than pay—they structure their retention programs in a way that employees are rewarded not just for staying, but also for contributing.”

Being Well Equipped, Highly Focused and Effective

More than half (58 percent) of companies that exceeded their deal objectives had highly capable, globally experienced teams that were especially adept at executing effective total rewards initiatives in transactions. Most importantly, these organizations were very effective at retention planning, addressing retirement benefits and addressing executive compensation plans.

“Bottom line, companies that are successful in exceeding their transaction goals are simply smarter about managing their money,” adds Fealy. “They are saving money in due diligence by identifying liabilities within their total rewards programs and by implementing performance driven, cost-based program designs. At the same time, they are spending money on well-designed, timely, ‘stay and play’ retention approaches. This approach leads to a retention rate and transaction success that is materially higher than their competition.”

Why You Should Never Apply for a Job – Presented by Hewitt Associates/Lee Hecht Harrison on September 29, 2010

Thank you for all of those that participated in this morning’s presentation and for all of the questions and engagement in the material.

It was a wonderful opportunity to participate and share with such an amazing group of attendees.

As promised, his is a link to the presentation slides from the event. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Presentation Link:

Why You Should Never Apply for a Job – Presented by Hewitt Associates and Lee Hecht Harrison on September 29, 2010

Hewitt/Lee Hecht Harrison Webinar & Teleconference – Developing a Personal Brand Strategy and Digital Footprint (September 29, 2010 – 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM EST)


Hewitt Associates and Lee Hecht Harrison Webinar &Teleconference
“Why You Should Never Apply for a Job Again”
Developing a Personal Brand Strategy and Digital Footprint
Date: Wednesday, September 29th
Time: 9:00 am – 10:30 am

On Wednesday, September 29, 2010, Mark A. Leon, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Hewitt will
facilitate a live webinar and teleconference on building your personal brand in today’s digital

Presentation Link:

Why You Should Never Apply for a Job

The event will focus on how to build your personal brand using Google profiles,
LinkedIn, online blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Yahoo and Google groups. The presentation will
also highlight how to conduct targeted searches for companies and specific contacts within
companies on your target list.

Mark has been highly recommended by several LHH clients who have seen his presentation.

We strongly encourage you to attend this event!! Below are the details to dial into the webinar
and teleconference.

Dial-in Number: 1-866-202-5150; Conference Code: 018 655 4339
Webinar Information:
To join the online meeting (Now from iPhones and other Smartphones too!)
1. Go to


2. Enter your name and email address.
3. Enter the meeting password: (This meeting does not require a password.)
4. Click “Join Now”.

What a first year for the Recruiterpoet Blog! Thank you everyone from the bottom of our hearts!!

What an incredible first year for the Recruiterpoet Blog (http://www.recruiterpoet.wordpress.com). Today is the one year anniversary since the first blog post on September 27th, 2009. What a ride it has been.

We are proud to announce that in the first year we achieved over 25,000 views on the blog with tremendous support from the subscribers and contributors who have given so much generosity to help achieve the level of success we have.

Yet this is only the beginning.

With featured bloggers, a much greater outreach and so many successful blogs that have provided insight, knowledge and inspiration for so many, we are honored to continue to provide amazing content for our readers.

All the comments and feedback have been a tremendous asset to help reshape the focus of the content and provide valuable information for our readers. As we enter into Year Two, we will continue to dig deep into future trends and provide unique, engaging and meaningful information.

Please continue to support Recruiterpoet Blog and spread the word to others.

We are looking forward to many many more years of success.

Join us as we begin to unwrap the start of another year and open the door of possibility.

What if you crashed an executive networking event? The power of taking risk and networking from the heart…A True Story

Wonderful story provided by Candice Szeliga

So we all know how I have been afraid to network and open my mouth for fear of sounding ridiculous. But Veena told us about the seminar at the Duke mansion so I decided that I was going to go and I was going to get some networking buddies. I am taking control of my job search. GRRRRR!

Anxiety Level: Orange
So I arrived to this GORGEOUS home in the Myers park area with a parking lot filled with BMW and Lexus’. My little Toyota was getting a complex but I continued through the door. I walked up the path from the parking lot, around the huge fountain, up the stairs surrounded by white columns, through the black and white Marble Foyer, signed in, and entered the room. I searched to find Veena, found her at the table in the back with 1 chair open asked politely if I could take the seat and was welcomed 🙂 SCORE 1! I am with someone I know, fear level dropping.

Anxiety Level: Yellow
I see a small spread of breakfast foods (yogurts granola, fresh fruit, pastries, coffee served in mugs (not plastic). Wow, this is going to be a great day, I begin smiling and expressing gratitude to the staff for their friendly service. I go to refresh my coffee and met Bill Forsyth, who commutes between Charlotte and Atlanta. We strike up a conversation and basically I demonstrated that I don’t belong there because I gave a snippet of my elevator speech and he gave a strange look but remains very polite. So I decide that I will just fade into the background and get some info and run for the hills if I need to. No one knows me here, just another face in the crowd…..

The Key Speaker is Kraig Kramer, he addresses the room and welcomes all the CEO’S who took the time away from their companies to connect with other CEO’s and integrate new models for success for their company. HOLY CRAP! I NEED TO GET OUT OF THIS ROOM WITHOUT ANYONE SEEING ME!!!!! I listened to the speaker which was great but remain in the back of the room. Well then the raffle takes place from the evaluations of the key speaker for a signed D’Angelo Williams Mini Panther helmet. They shake the box, pull a name and…..Yup, I got it!!!! I had to walk from the back of the room to the front shake hands with the CEO of I.B.I.S Andy Vabulas and Kraig Kramer. <—– Anxiety Level: RED

Well, nothing else could go wrong after that.. so best to stay and just network and meet new folks. Still freaking out.

I stayed and got lots of good info but the trial by fire has proven that Veena and I can crash a CEO event and hold our own… GO TEAM PRONET! EVERYBODY, KEEP CRASHING PARTIES, EVENTUALLY WE WILL GET A JOB!!!

The Will Of Human Compassion is So Strong: How high school lacrosse gave a dying man one last smile

As reported by sports columnist George Diaz at OrlandoSentinel.com

It’s not lacrosse season, but last week Winter Springs (Fla.) High School played one of the most significant girls lacrosse games in memory. The score didn’t matter in the least. The significance came from the game’s sheer existence.

The Winter Springs girls lacrosse team played a special scrimmage at halftime of the Winter Springs junior varsity football game on Wednesday night. The Bears varsity squad squared up against their JV counterparts, the only way the school could logistically hold a scrimmage months out of season on short notice. And the most important spectator at the game was Carl Defoe, a middle-aged man devoid of body hair after five rounds of chemotherapy, cheering on his daughter for the first — and in all likelihood, the last — time in his life.

Defoe is dying of lung cancer, and he knows that he doesn’t have much time left — six weeks, eight weeks, maybe more. The cancer has spread from his one remaining lung to his brain stem and spinal cord. While Defoe insists that he isn’t done fighting the disease yet, the one thing that left him most anguished was knowing he’d never get to see his daughter, Heather, play in a high school lacrosse game.

Somehow the Winter Springs High School administration heard about Defoe’s last wish. The school quickly sprung into action, contacting the notoriously rigid Florida High School Activities Association to ask for special approval to hold a one-time, out-of-season lacrosse scrimmage. Amazingly, the FHSAA approved the request almost instantly, with one condition: They wanted a photo from the game.

So, on Wednesday, at halftime of the Winter Springs junior varsity football game against Oviedo High School, the two girls lacrosse squads faced off in a brisk, seven-minute scrimmage. Heather Defoe played for the varsity squad instead of the junior varsity team she’s scheduled to play with this spring … and she scored three goals.

Then, when it was all over, the two teams gathered around a happy man in a wheelchair, posed for cameras and the whole special event was gone, over as quickly as it had come.

Gone, but not forgotten by anyone there, not least of all Carl himself. If there were ever questions of whether sports can change a person’s outlook on life, they should be quieted by what Carl Defoe told Diaz just after the scrimmage wrapped up.

“I feel lucky,” Defoe said.