Group Me – Bringing Mobile Communities Together

It was bound to happen but I have finally crossed over.

Recruiterpoet is doing software product reviews. This day was inevitable and as much as I fought it off, it found its way into my agenda, but this is worth the acclaim.

Group Me ( is a new beta website that provides the platform to create mobile community chat groups.

It is so easy, even a caveman can do it.

Go to and request a group.

You will be provided an number for your group.
Save the number to a name you want (My Fun Friends Group)
To add people, text “#add First name and mobile number (All mobile carriers are eligible for this service).
That person will get a text to confirm and then they are in.

That is all. Of course all normal text rates apply. I had to add that disclaimer.

This is a mobile chat group all in the palm of your hand. If you send a text to that group number, everyone will see and have a chance to respond in real time.

Who is this beneficial for?

1. Work team
2. Sports team
3. Book clubs
4. Academic clubs
5. Academic departments
6. Friends
7. Family

This resource has tremendous potential to keep us connected in real time.

If you are a team lead, a coach or a parent, bring everyone together one text at a time.

One thought on “Group Me – Bringing Mobile Communities Together

  1. Recruiterpoet –

    Thanks so much for featuring GroupMe – we’re glad you find it useful. One quick note – the URL in the second paragraph is to, but we’re just Feel free to send us feedback or suggestions.


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