Why does your company need a Google Corporate Profile Page?

Seventy-five percent of all internet searches originate from the Google search engine. That being said, why not maximize your company’s exposure during the age of the social media revolution. As more organizations are starting to see the value of social media and future ROI of those initiatives, there needs to be a place to house these media outlets and drive traffic back to your corporate website.

Let’s take a moment to see all the areas where your company has expanded its branding image:

YouTube Channel….hmmmm maybe
Facebook Fan Site….Of course
LinkedIn Corporate Page….Duh
Slide Share Presentations….Not quite yet?
Blogging Site…Well you should
Alumni Network….We have to watch out for our extended family
Twitter Profile….Do I need to ask?
Ning Network…Tremendous potential there
Talent Community Site…We have to grow and groom that future talent
Guest blogging and white paper publications…Celebrate your successes

Financial reporting….Stability is key
Flickr/Picasso – Photo Journal of your company…Great way to promote culture

Now that we have opened our eyes and see all the areas of social media we are involved in, we must consolidate and the promote the fruits of our labor.

A Google Corporate Page allows you to incorporate URL links to all of your social media outlets, promote events and publications, share segments of the corporate website (benefits, career opportunities, voluntary work, diversity and research) and promote a complete understanding of the financial and cultural awareness of your company.

Along with the URL links driving traffic to your corporate site and your social media branding initiatives, the profile page allows for information on site locations, mission statement, company summary and other critical key information about the organization.

This is a one stop shop for customers, vendors, associates, candidates and passive individuals who want to learn more about your company.

Take a page out of the future of interactive media, develop a Google Corporate Page and a year from now, your social media team and communications/marketing group will be reaping the rewards of an effective decision that is cost effective, measurable and has tremendous reach potential.

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