Life 2.0 – Are you ready?

This afternoon I watched Quentin rub his new brother’s stomach and feel his tiny hands as he waited anxiously to hold little baby Aaron in his arms. He spoke about being his big brother and always protecting him while mom rested on the bed proud of the maturity of her little six year old young adult.

At the farmer’s market, farmers, tea specialists, craft developers and patrons all came together to help drive economic growth and help small business owners continue to pursue their dreams.

Today, I am remembering the passing of my mother. It is a very personal tradition I perform each year that relies on the technology of the greatest invention known in existence, the human body and the brain. Through memories, this day remains special to me by reflecting on all the things I value about the relationship with my mother.

Life 2.0 is a very complex, unpredictable, engaging, creative, exciting and passionate platform of networking and innovation.

It is driven by:

Personal and professional human interaction
Sharing of ideas, talents, eduction
Building on collaboration and teamwork
Expanded by the morals and ethics that drive our daily lives
Success is on never accepting life the way it is but allowing life to be challenged
It is about looking forward but reflecting on the memories of yesterday

Life 2.0 has taken millions of years to develop, yet we have only tipped the iceberg.

We are now starting to see the true potential.

Technology is bringing this world closer together through talent communities, online dating, professional networks, IM, texting, Social Networking and email but we must remember one key element: No matter how much technology becomes an integral part of our lives, it is the human touch that will remain the most significant force that moves us forward.

When you are done hiding behind your PC, IPad, IPhone, and your Mac then you will start to see something more amazing than any Photoshop picture: Life

Life is filled with flowers, trees, mountains, clouds, love, passion, fear, and so much majesty

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