– Resume sharing on Twitter taken to the next level

During a time of recession or economic downtown, organizations find ways to cut departmental costs through discretionary spending. During these times, innovation takes the lead as businesses look for cost-effective means to drive similar results.

In the Talent Acquisition community, traffic has shifted away from pay search engines and agencies to creative search techniques and low-cost web solutions.

As Twitter finds its way into the top five of global websites and the world is still falling in a stagnant pattern, it was only a matter of time before career transition solutions become a part of the infinite cloud of micro-blogging content sharing.

TwitRes ( is a software application and Twitter profile that aligns itself, your Twitter profile and your resume into one systematic Tweet of corporate outreach.

Is this application difficult for the non-technical types of professionals.


It is as easy as hitting an upload key, browsing your folder and clicking the document.
The resume will upload in the format that it was prepared leaving the elements of professionalism intact.

Once the resume is up, you will develop your 140 character tweet including hash tags for all the key elements of your background you want to promote (skills, location, domain, level of experience). Once you are done, it will tweet to your profile and the “twitres” profile.

Now you can tweet and re-tweet to maximize your exposure.

How do I know if the outreach is successful? Excellent question from the virtual audience. has built-in metrics to monitor views of your resume. Whether you follow the “twitres” profile or go to the website, there is a live stream of the resumes with a recycle element to continuously flow the resumes all day and all night.

Are you ready to be on the cutting edge of the partnering between the micro-blogging giant and the future of career searching? Could this spell the end of Monster, Hotjobs and Careerbuilder? Not quite yet, but as more cost-effective methods are developed, this is a robust opportunity for job seekers to take advantage and more importantly for potential employers to find great talent at your fingertips for little or no cost.


2 thoughts on “ – Resume sharing on Twitter taken to the next level

  1. I am a Recruiter and after coming across this, I sense things would turn a lot easier for recruiter’s and employers as well as they would be for a job seeker, great innovation I would say. Keep up the good work.
    My twitter profile – @recruitersden

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