Cosmic Signs: When coincidence is too real to ignore (Stories of real life serendipity)

Random Moments of Cosmic Synchronized Connection: What does it all mean?

In August, I was in New England on a historical road trip with my father. One of the anticipated goals of our New England adventure was to reunite with an old friend who lived in New Hampshire. Due to poor timing, Dana was unable to free herself up during the few days I was scheduled to be in the area. After spending several days in Boston, Concord and Newburyport, we jumped in the car to spend the day in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. After several hours of walking, we stopped for coffee and I received a text from Dana asking how things were.

After informing her of our destination, I quickly learned we were two blocks away. It was a very pleasant coincidence that granted us the opportunity to spend almost two hours catching up. Then we didn’t communicate again until two and a half weeks later.

On a Wednesday evening, I decided to check in and see how Dana was. As the cosmic forces decided to send a signal to both of us, we sent simultaneous texts to each other. A mental phenomenon I have yet to dismiss from my memory. Last week, I sent another message to her and once again, our minds played tricks on us as she had emailed me within seconds of my text.

Though we live a thousand miles from apart, there is a force guiding our thoughts and actions toward each other. It is a mystery of life that begs the question of whether these unexplained forces help dictate our pilgrimage in life.

Now, our story fast forwards to Labor Day. I had been conversing with a friend, Eve, that was spending her 30th birthday in the Caribbean. She saw an opportunity to leave Chicago for a few days to pamper herself with sand and sun. As I boarded my plane from Newark, NJ to Charlotte, NC, I sent one last message prior to the mandatory shut down of my smart phone that I was on my way to Charlotte. At 5:00 PM EST, I landed in Charlotte and was greeted by a message from Eve that she had a layover in Charlotte from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

Now let us take a step back and give you some history behind this meeting. Eve and I had known each other on and off for many years and had not seen each other in over 6 years, yet for one hour in all the airports in the United States on all the days of the year, we were one concourse away from each other. At 5:15 PM on Labor Day, 2010 amongst thousands of holiday travelers, we sat on a bench at the terminal food court sharing 25 minutes of reunion. The possibility of such amazing timing and scheduling without any preparation from either party sent goosebumps down my arms.

Given the circumstances of what led to these events must open the door of possibility that perhaps we are guided by forces outside of our control that help us along in the pursuit of our life goals and ambitions.

Next time, the cosmos plays a role in leading you in a direction, do not dismiss it as mere coincidence but accept the possibility that there are forces at work that meant for these events to happen.

We live in a world of 6.2 billion people who each have the power of thought and action. In life, we are fortunate to make several key connections that provide us with security and guidance. Some even answer questions that challenge us. Don’t let them pass you by. Embrace the messages and act upon feelings that are formulated from the results of these synchronized events, because ultimately they may play a significant role in your future.

3 thoughts on “Cosmic Signs: When coincidence is too real to ignore (Stories of real life serendipity)

  1. That was an amazing story! I, being the religious type, would have quickly dismissed this as just that – but after spending 16-months at JP Morgan on the diversity team coupled with my diversity experience at two other great companies -Citibank and Hewitt; I have found these types of experience to be not so rear as we thing.

    I do not know how many times I have been doing something and then just feel like I have been thrusted into another dimension, as if I had been there and done this before or seen this was going to happen perhaps in a dream or day dreaming. It amazes me every time this Déjà vu (pronounced [deʒa vy] ( listen), meaning “already seen” in French as they call it happens to me or how many times I have been thinking of my father or other relatives and the next thing I know the phone rings and it is was the person I was thinking about. It is amazing. Great topic!

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