The State of Social Media Around the World – Brian Solis (Comprehensive Guide)

By Brian Solis, blogger at and principal of FutureWorks, Author of the new book
Engage!, Co-Author, Putting the Public Back in Public Relations and Now Is Gone

You can find Brian on Twitter @briansolis

This twenty-three page comprehensive guide analyzes the utilization analytics around social media in different markets around the globe. It is a detailed look at how the changing world of social media outreach, branding, marketing, and interface is becoming a critical element in the success of individuals and business.

Brian takes us into each country and provides us with a birds eye view of the websites, the usage, and the engagement that social media plays in the foundation of different countries and cultures.

Take your first step onto the plane as we take a global journey from your couch and breakdown how the world sees itself in the eyes of the media monster. Release yourself from your local perceptions and see a world that has broken down the walls and become boundaryless. Welcome to the world of Global Social Media.

Thank you Brian Solis.

The State of Social Media Around the World 2010

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