Why Am I So Wise?

“My formula for greatness in a human being is amor fati: that one wants nothing to be other than it is, not in the future, not in the past, not in all eternity. Not merely to endure that which happens of necessity, still less to dissemble it – all idealism is untruthfulness in the face of necessity – but to love it….”

– Friedrich Nietzche “Why I Am So Wise”

Why am I so wise?

I open up by very being and allow life to educate me. By opening the mind to a wave of new and fresh ideas and thoughts without the prejudice of judgment and pressure to evolve with advancement, I am able to continuously see the world in a different perspective.

Without the aid of television, phone or computer, I recently experienced the most amazing 49 hours of my life. It was a period of cinema fantasy where I was taken away to another place and every moment was scripted perfectly. The pouring of emotions both good and bad took my spirit to a new level; one I had and perhaps never will experience again.

By becoming vulnerable to the unexpected and releasing all fear, I was able to dive into the pool of life without recourse on the short and long term impacts of my life and its surroundings.

The greatest moments in life are filled with intense passion for a cause, person, believe, or feeling. It is that feverish intensity that wraps you up and sends you on a roller coaster without a seat belt. Those few unique moments that remains vividly with each passing day and culminates in the last moments of your life are the reason we live.

Many embrace comfort and stability.
I fear it.

Habit, consistency and routine are all safe harbor terms. That is why we all reflect on home. Home is the root of our behaviors and thoughts. It is the foundation of who we are and should never be forgotten. Thus family is an extension of home. I am not telling anyone to run from home. I cradle home. It is a part of spirit that will be with me whether I am ten miles or ten thousand miles away.

The risk taker that walks into the darkness and defies the odds, champions a lifetime of respect and innovation. We are all born with the potential to lead. We are all given the gift of thought and the ability to make decisions/choices. Some are born with more challenges than others, but many find the strength to overcome.

Why Am I So Wise?

Truth! I continuously allow myself to discover the unknown and travel down a road not yet traveled. Being on the path to change will be the strength that takes me to higher levels of existence.

I hope each of you finds wisdom in all that surrounds you. Stretch the limits of possibility and the the true beauty yet undiscovered.

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