Live, Love, Laugh

Last week I received a frame from a very close from of mine. It had the saying “Live, Love, Laugh” around the border. Very fitting for this time of year or more importantly, a mission for all of life. The last few weeks of my life have provided me with such a wealth of positive karma that is more valuable and more memorable than any holiday present I could receive.

Last weekend I found a love so pure that it lifted me to the highest point where the sun basked in the sky with a smile, and warmed my spirit from the inside out. I experienced such a life passion that moments froze in time and the true essence of happiness left a permanent imprint in my memory. If was a series of continuous events that could be written in romance books if there were words to describe it properly. If you could open yourself up and soak in every ounce of positive energy from all living things and feel it burn inside you, you will understand a fraction of the feelings I experienced.

On Friday, I learned of the news that my best friend is going to be blessed with a new member to her family next summer. This was not ordinary news as her and her husband overcame tremendous adversity to even have the opportunity to bring a new life into this world.

My favorite dog owner found a warm human to reciprocate love. Though she will never admit she is in a relationship, it is something she has been yearning for for some time and now as the holiday’s are upon us she has someone to share it with.

Teaching had a victory as well as South Carolina welcomed another very talented educator who successfully passed her state teaching exam.

I bore witness to a beautiful wedding on a plantation as two very much in love souls pledged eternal love.

My favorite world traveler is back packing her way through Central America as we speak.

My father is heading back after a relaxing three weeks in the warmth of South America.

Finally, today I was awakened with the news that Recruiter Earth voted me the Best Male Blogger of 2010. It was wonderful news, not only for the award, but that I am reaching others with my writing and making an impact on how we view life and the events that shape who we are.

Why am I sharing all this positive news? Perhaps I am jumping on the bandwagon that during the holidays we are all filled with festival and cheer and maybe our perceptions are a little more colorful and positive than other times of the year. Quite the contrary. We are always surrounded by good things. Whether subtle of extraordinary there are people, events and actions that fill us with positive energy and create a better world.

Winter, spring, summer or fall, one can find the true goodness. I’ve often thought we bask in misery. Finding the next tragedy or celebrity death brings us closer as a community. It is a strange thought to say the least. How often is a celebrity death plastered on Twitter just moments after the news breaks. We come together in moments of deep grief.

Soul Asylum said it best: “Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd”

Let us see if we can manipulate thinking to rally around happiness. Create a crowd around love.
Find endless chatter about peace. Wouldn’t it be nice if we look back at the end of each day and only reflect on the true goodness. We all have it. We all experience it. We are surrounded by eternal happiness. Remember it is free and it is inside of us. Release your inner happiness and share a little positive energy with someone today.

Homework assignment:
Before you got to bed, ask yourself this question: Did you live, love and laugh today?

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