Unfulfilled – Original Poem


Looking into the eyes of another I can only see you.
From smile to toe, I am a vision of beauty to a man I cannot love
My emptiness inside is the void that can only be filled by the warmth of your touch

Give me the strength to hold you in my thoughts
Can you see now; I am using the power of our energy and love to retain this last breath of sanity hanging on the edge of a cliff

If I fall, will you catch me before the abyss swallows me whole?
If I close my eyes, will you be waiting in my dreams?
If I pray for your love, will you arrive with a bow?

I will continue this charade of matrimony
I will shed blood on this life long promise

He is by my side under the satin sheets but alone I lay
My heart beats faster and faster as it is torn into metaphoric shreds

I cannot escape this game of love that has become my life

What can I do?

Kiss the man whose name I have taken or rest beneath the stars that I share under the dark sky shared by my true love

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